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Joshua Dobbins




Before booking a flight I go to to see how affordable flying private can be and book there. 🛫Founded, where you don’t have to be rich to fly private! 👨🏽‍✈️Pilot turned Entrepreneur, Private Air Travel Guru, Designed first B2B SAAS air charter booking site (Raising Funds As You Read). Hello! My name is Joshua. I’m the Founder/CEO of @FlyAnu and @AirCharterBusiness Fly Ãnu has created an air charter booking engine for disgruntled airline passengers. Don’t wait in line for another flight and make it your own flight. Text/Call 1 (404) 487-5187 for quotes for a direct flight within 1-2 hours away Join our ACB FB Group to network with people flying to same locations to share costs: Signup to get deals flying air charter at We find affordable flights. #aircharter 🎥 - Netflix didn’t kill movie renting, ridiculous late fees did. 🎼 - iTunes didn’t kill music sales, buying full length albums did 🚕 - Uber didn’t kill the taxi business, pricing and access did. 📙 - Amazon didn’t kill retail stores, poor customer service did. 🛫 - Fly Ãnu didn’t kill air charter, broker fees did. “With over 5,500 airports. Where will your journey begin? How much time will you save?” Currently looking for software dev... FounderGym Graduate - Cohort 13 Zane Ventures Graduate - Cohort 1 The most successful people fly air charter. CashApp $flyingmaniac