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Josh Hsu




Co-founder & CEO @Introhm ⌚️Motion Capture | 🏃‍♀️Human Performance | ⚕️MedTech ——— 🏋️‍♀️ @Introhm, we help independent strength coaches capture their athlete’s movement remotely. How it Works: • 1. Give your athletes our sensors + athletic clothing • 2. Athletes wear clothes • 3. Athletes start working out • 4. You press “stream” on your phone • 5. Receive live insights (rep counts, type of exercise, power, cadence, form, etc.) Sign-up for early access at ——— 🎙The Playbook Podcast Where we interview the best trainers & coaches in the industry on: • Business Strategy and Tactics • Unique Training Styles and Best Practices • Building Relationships with Clients ——— 🔗 📩 [email protected] Dreaming of a world where access to peak human performance is available to anyone who wants it. 👇DMs Open. Let’s Chat.