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Joseph Rosenfeld




I’m Joseph Rosenfeld. People know me as the image consultant who changes the lives of lawyers and top tech leaders. For information and to set up time to talk, visit my website: 💗 My concept of image consulting maximizes your presence from the inside out. 💗 Personal style and looking fashionable is important to create a strong outer image. But there's much more to it than that. A dozen measurable aspects of your inner self-image is where the deep growth happens. You can be well educated, intelligent, competent, and experienced and still feel like something is missing. This void is there and it is real. A lack of attention to your inner and outer self-image is the void. And when you attend to it, you find the safety and comfort that has been missing. No corner office or home address can give you this. That's what's missing for you. I know this because people like you have been my clients since 1989. Improving your self-image is a worthy undertaking. And you are worthy of an improved self-image. Are you ready to see where your talents exist and where you have opportunities to grow? Send a DM on CH or IG that you want to take a snapshot of your self-image to begin a journey. The first conversation is on me. 📍Brooklyn 🏳️‍🌈✡️ {ISFJ-A} | HSP