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Joseph Mensah Adu




I am an African, a Ghanaian and a Polymath/Miscellaneous Professional Engineer- Oil and Gas and Energy Engineer/ Water and Civil /Mechanical Engineer/Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Expert/ 21st Century Reformative Educationist/ STEM and TEFL Tutor and a Digital Nomad/ Global Trotter. Proudly African, Proudly 🇬🇭. Goal digger,Goal giver,Pace setter. Highly Sapiosexual. Technocratic. Tomorrow’s Leader forToday. Science Tutor/STEM/STEAM Tutor/ Recruitment Advisor for University of Nicosia, Cyprus/ Recruitment Advisor for International Students across Europe and a Professional STEM Tutor. High Tech Hive- Stimulations and Simulations of Hydraulics Apps for OIL and Gas and Energy Sector/Biofuels and Biogenesis/Biomass Energy. I help young people irrespective of gender to be able to identify their career path with STEM/ STEAM/ Coding and Programming for teens in Africa sub regions and embracing the originality of the rich culture of Africa. I teach Engineering at its best and we do this by catching them young because we are tomorrow’s leaders for today. I love traveling, coexisting, meeting new people and connecting with the world- geoconneting and networding. Soft Skills-Microsoft Word 360,Excel, Windprop, Matlabs, GMC, Drilling’s and Well Stimulations. HSE and Occupational Safety Management 🇬🇭🇬🇷🇨🇾🇳🇬🇳🇮 Investor into Crude Commodities/Precious Commodities/Biomass/Biofuels/Blockchain and Cryptocurrency/STEM Tutor/STEAM Tutor/Recruitment Advisor/Students and Teens Science Tutor/Academicians and Engineering Mathematics Tutor. My Mantras are : 1. Live fully and die empty. 2. In order to be the best who ever lived, you have to be the best living. 3. Sketch your dreams with pencils and weld them in steel gold. Platforms: Remote Worker with Insidesherpa www. Executive Officer Remote Working Group of the University of Nicosia, Cyprus.