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Jordan Gruber




🎎 Renaissance Wordsmith: Author, Editor, Ghostwriter, Collaborator, and Practical Wordsmith. Currently co-authoring a book with Jim Fadiman on psychedelic Microdosing for St. Martin’s Press. Have written or edited in psychology, personal development, mindfulness, financial services, forensic audio and video, rebound exercise, health and wellness, psychedelics, and spirituality. Most recently co-authored Your Symphony of Selves with James Fadiman in 2020, and The Bounce with Joy Daniels, also 2020. In 2022 I helped Scott Rogers with his book The Mindful Law Student, and Emily Hu with her book, The Smart Simple Guide to a Better Physique. And as of March 2023, Cindy Lou Golin’s Shadowplay Book has come out. Background: A lifetime-long psycho-spiritual journey — 👽☮️🍄🥰🤩🐯🤫— from a deep interest in PSI in JHS, to entheogens and Ken Wilber in college, to New Age seminars and the men’s and neopagan communities, to ecstatic dance and my ongoing collaboration with James Fadiman. Along the way, I founded Enlightenment.Com, where I had the good fortune of co-creating “Speaking of Everything,” the first-ever Ken Wilber audio interview. Even as a small boy, being a writer was my goal. Would take our old Royal typewriter, put a piece of paper in, hit a bunch of keys, and then run to my mom with the piece of paper and ask, “Mommy, did I make any words?” All the while my grandmother would be screaming, “Don’t let him play with it, it’s not a toy, he’ll break it!” I’ve been typing and writing ever since. Things I love: my family, cats, and chickens, ecstatic dancing, rebound exercise, hiking, collecting ancient coins and meteorites, Mendocino, real books, pagan festivals, my synagogue (especially getting a regular chance to sing 🗣 in our fifth Friday singalong Shabbat services 🕍), photography, sci-fi, and my affiliation with Karttikeya. Aimed at co-creating a 🎎 New Renaissance 🎎 through creative collaborative thinking 🧲♾🔛, writing, ghost writing, and editing abilities. My math only goes through graduate school statistics, but I am a quick study and have woven together convincing stories about many different 🕰️types of information in my nearly 40 years of professional . Happy to share chapters from Your Symphony of Selves or The Bounce. Thanks for staying to the end.