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Jordan Schanda King




Your Contract COO = Strategy + Implementation 📈 Sold my first business in 2019 🤓Simplifying and systematizing is absolutely ESSENTIAL for creating a streamlined profit plan that will leave you with less stress and more money in the bank -- in exchange for all the hard work you've been pouring in. If you’re ready to scale without burning out, I’m ready to give you the strategy, accountability, support in decision making, and implementation you need to hit your goals and build a sustainable business that you love. Some of my favorite things to help my clients do: >> Hit your revenue goals WITHOUT burning out >> Streamline your offers and nail your pricing >> Create systems to be more productive >> Optimize your schedule and your business 😍Find Your Biz Bestie FB Group - DM me for the link! 👩‍💻FREEBIE: If you want to streamline your offers, be more productive, nail your pricing, and build a business that isn’t downright exhausting, DM me for free access to my Business Optimization Mini-Course! FEMastermind Co-founder 👯‍♀️ We host masterminds for women who want to build deep connections with other female entrepreneurs + teach you how to launch a group program and fill it with dream clients! How I can support you: ✅ Contract COO Packages [2 SPOTS LEFT] ✅ 6-Month Business Success Mentorship [1 SPOT LEFT] ✅ Simplify + Systematize + Scale: Optimize Your Business VIP Day ✅ Grow with Groups: 6-Week Group Program to Launch Your OWN group program [FULL] ✅ Mentorship Mini Trail [FULL] ➡️ ➡️ I have a goal to be on 21 podcasts in 2021 - help me reach my goal ♥️ DM me on IG! Since I started my first business in 2013, I've: ✨ Been both a solopreneur and co-founder (twice!) ✨ Published a book ✨ Trademarked a brand ✨ Led group programs in three industries ✨ Completed my MS degree ✨ Filed copyrights on multiple products ✨ Negotiated a white-label deal for my course ✨ Sold my first business without a broker ✨ Been featured on various podcasts, TV interviews, and in Forbes. Fun facts: I’m a brand new mom 🤱 and I worked in higher education AND sustainability for almost a decade 🌎🌿✌️ DM me on IG if you want to connect, collaborate, or chat about how I can help you!