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Jonathan Louis Dent




♾ in pursuit of the sacred ♾ Child of Ò̩ṣun & Ọbàtálá 🗝🍯🦚🐌🌻🤍 Astro-Numerologist ♾ Abôrisà ♾ Reiki Practitioner ♾ Meditator ♾ 🏠 Follow my club GAN PHILOSOPHY🏠 📍📍NYC📍📍 NYU Graduate Acting || MFA Brown University || BA Actor || Writer || Producer Scorpio 📈 Sag 🌞 Aqua 🌙 {tropical} Libra 📈 Scorpio 🌞 Cap 🌙 {sidereal} Interested in decolonizing the mind and spirit • Forever a student of bell hooks • Always down to talk about authentic allyship • My ancestors ground me: much love to my Gma Barbara-Jean who was the daughter of Thelma. 🥰♥️ Also, if you roller-skate in NYC then tap in!!! 🛼🤙🏾 ♾ Black joy stay undefeated ♾ Donations: Venmo: Jonathan-Dent Cashapp: $jd3nt 👆🏾👆🏾 Book an Astro-Numerology or Reiki Session Study yourself thoroughly so you can Love yourself thoroughly. Asé