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Jonathan Knowles



friends 🤠 Explorer, scientist, & technologist grateful for all the humans & experiences this world provides. Exploration Director, NASA Frontier Development Lab & ESA Frontier Development Lab AI (ML) research: Planetary science, Heliophysics, Astrobiology, Earth Systems Predictability, Space Medicine, Climate, Energy. Strategic Advisor, The Aerospace Corporation (FFRDC), Science and Exploration Fellow at Mission Blue, the Sylvia Earle Alliance (ocean science & policy). Advisory Council, US DoEd 2024 National STEM Festival. Formerly Apple, Autodesk, Adobe, Academia. 🏠Part of the first 10,000ish Clubhouse cohort. ❣️Science, exploration, discovery, innovation, history, culture, community. Applying experience to ocean, space, & all the amazing people and things in between, past present & future. And jazz. And chess. ❓Are you a creator? Of course! We’re all creators! Have we created knowledge, technologies, products, art, strategies, experiences, teams, mindsets, fun, or something else together? 🧠Perhaps we connected at Apple, Autodesk, or Adobe? OSTP, DOD, DARPA, NASA, NOAA, USAFA, West Point, Annapolis, Amazon MARS (Palm Springs, Ojai), EG, TED, SRI, PARC, SETI Institute, that stealthy startup? In academia? On the Playa (👋 Apollo here), the Zuni reservation, Prudhoe Bay? Was it in shallow lagoon waters working with a favorite Cetacea, piloting underwater ROVs, bringing 2000 year old artifacts from the sea floor, a very deep rebreather dive? Were we providing the platform used to send the 1st email from space, or at the Cape watching our 3D printers travel to the International Space Station? A lab editing DNA? Were we listening to the hum of a quantum computer, or maybe we used AI to create imaginative realities and open possibilities sometimes achieving the truly preposterous? Perchance it was the Folger, LOC, Smithsonian, or National Geographic HQ? Bringing the earliest human fossils and tools to the world? Paramount (Stage 9?), Warner, Sony, or Disney? In Johannesburg, Kuopio, Luanda, Malindi, Najran, Ooty, or Pamplona? The UN? At The Interval Fort Mason? Quizás Jazz on the Plazz en mi pueblo en Los Gatos? Lake Tahoe? A Star Trek convention? Comic Con? A tasty wave in Malibu? The Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko? The Explorers Club in New York or the Royal Geographical Society in London? 🙏 If so, betcha we shared joy through ups & downs in meaningful work. 📍Los Gatos, California 🌎 Stay hungry, stay foolish.