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🏇Left a warzone to building a successful life. Forbes Top 1% Global Headhunter & Coach. I find great talent & coach with No BS.🇬🇧🇮🇷 📖 Author of “The Secrets of the Sauce: Ending Career Misery”, published on Amazon. 📱Technology Recruitment Business Founder from 0 to 7 figures business @ FORTE ICT. 📈 Forbes Business Council Member & Forbes registered. 🔦 Featured in CIO Times: Top five people to watch out for globally within Recruitment & Careers. 🥇Securing the top 15% of talent across the U.K. & globally. Clients range from Amazon, Ericsson, Kantar & Virgin to the most exciting Start Up’s, fast growing Scale Up’s, Disruptors and FinTechs. 🧠Recruitment, Headhunting The Best Passive Talent, Interviews & Careers Specialist. 3,000+ candidates placed. 🏆85% of people are unhappy with their jobs. Don’t be a statistic, reach out to me and be the top 1% 🪜Linkedin Leader, 70,000 total followers between myself & my own company. 29,000 + first degree connections and leading headhunter. Linkedin coaching. ✳️Host of Recruitment & Careers Club. Largest Recruitment & Careers Club on Social Audio. Join the club. 🎙Recruitment & Careers Club Podcast on Apple & Spotify podcast platforms. 💵I have made lot’s of money and lost money. I have been conned, there is a con out there for everyone. What makes me different is that I have a bouncy bum and I get back up with my resilient mindset. U.K. Numbsr 1 Accountability & Careers Coach: ( 🚀Unbeatable Accountability Careers Coaching, in landing your dream career/roles, nailing your interviews to success, promotions and pivoting. I achieve your goals into reality via tailored made action plans. People don’t want just information but implementations! 🪂 Fundamentally it’s all about making you the very best version of yourself together. Let’s not talk a good game, actions define you. ⏰ Do not put off what you can do today for tomorrow. No What Ifs! Interests & Passions: 🏹 Entrepreneur, my family, passionate sports fan, tennis in particular, nature walks, foodie, lover of ancient history and debates. My Contacts: 👇👇👇 (Global Headhunting Recruitment Company) [email protected] My Linkedin Profile: Accountability Coaching Website: [email protected] Instagram: johnnynash121