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Joey Vitale




Lawyer helping course creators & coaches protect their brands & get legit. ⚖️🖤⬇️ ®️ Owner of Indie Law - a trademark law firm (aka brand legitimizer firm) for rad brands 🎤 Host of the chart-topping Owning It podcast 🚀 Founder of the Legal Launch Pad, a legal membership for coaches & course creators Joey helps online entrepreneurs stay legally protected as they scale to 7 figures. 😁 After years of wearing a suit and tie, Joey said goodbye to the courtroom life. And as the only kid in law school who DIDN’T like to argue (Enneagram 9 here), Joey now embraces his peacemaker skills to keep entrepreneurs stress-free as they grow. With his law firm and his courses, Joey helps online business owners call legal dibs on their brand name and signature methods so they never have to worry about losing their brand overnight. Joey has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and has spoken all over the country to help business owners stay safe and thriving. 🥳 Interests: entrepreneurship, minimalism, Boy Meets World, futurism, and all things Sicily 🇮🇹 DM me “CLUBHOUSE” on IG to chat! 🖤 Love yourself more than you love your business. 🖤