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Go to to learn more about the largest author conference in the USA. 📚I help authors build great businesses. 🚀 Visit to sign up for auto responder advantage. Managing Partner of Claymore, Ulfbehrt & Xiphos LLC Tips for authors just joining ♣️🏠 Look to add some of these items to your bio: 1️⃣ Share your brand promise. What do you write, what authors are you similar to and what will I get out of reading your book? 2️⃣ Try some flash fiction. Can you write a sentence so compelling it would make me go download a book. 3️⃣ The power of free. Add a BookFunnel link and give away a book. Be sure to capture the email address. 4️⃣Connect your Instagram so people can DM you. 5️⃣ Build a peer network. Find your author tribe, connect, then host rooms where you help each other. 6️⃣ Find groups where you can nerd out with readers on topics and hobbies. Relationship first then explain you write books and they can get a sample in you bio. 👉Let me know how you help people, so I can share it with those I know. 🚤 Share your ideal customer and I’ll send you leads! Or just email me [email protected] Did you know that 2% of published authors make 60% of the profits?🤔 The publishing market is driven by cumulative advantage -the economic force that picks winners and losers. I can show you how to use this market force to build your readership. If you’re a published author or looking to earn a living from your writing I’m your guy. BFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago MBA University of Chicago Booth School of Business XP81 Clifton Strengths: 🧭 Strategic 💡Ideation 💪 Self Assured 📚 Learner 🧑‍🚀 Futurist Author of; Treat Your Writing Like a Business Advantage. Direct Sales Unleashed Self-publishing | author | KDP | ebooks | Chicago | entrepreneur | indie publishing | ebooks| audio | publishing