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Joe Nicassio




⚠️ Warning: all business mentors are NOT created equal If your business is like a machine, i am your business mechanic. I help business owners who are frustrated because they’re not growing fast enough… …by providing my specialized knowledge and expertise in marketing and business development. 👉 I Offer Guidance to Help You Discover Your “North Star” Business. 👉 I am an entrepreneur maker. I transform good entrepreneurs into great entrepreneurs, and I transform employees into entrepreneurs. People hire me because they trust my expertise and advice. I am Creator of “Employee Escape Plan” and the “Business Happiness Blueprint” Creator of “nurture up” economics. I am investor. I invest my intellectual firepower into business in exchange for cash and wealth. Do you want to get more customers, to pay you more money, more often? I has been helping entrepreneurs reinvent themselves since 1999. I can help you turn conversations into cash. I can help you escape the job or business you don’t love 💔 and help you create the business you do love ❤️ Joe is your “failure prevention advisor.” Joe is a stand for self-reliance through entrepreneurship, instead of employer reliance, government reliance , charity reliance, family reliance, or spouse reliance. Joe can help you INTENTIONALLY create your dream business. Joe specialize in transforming employees into entrepreneurs. Do what you ❤️ Share the ❤️ Receive the ❤️ 💵 ❤️ Find Joe on Facebook at Joe runs a FREE Facebook group for entrepreneurs and pre-entrepreneurs who want to build a better business. Would you like to join us? NLP master practitioner Check out Joes new podcast, “Business Flow with Sume and Joe” in the Apple podcast store Want to joint venture with your audience? Contact me.