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Joel Bauer




Some people call Joel Bauer the “mentor’s mentor”. Others call him “the Godfather of the close” or “the world’s BEST platform speaker trainer”. Joel’s career is the stuff of marketing and sales legend. His accomplishments and unique presentation antics are frequently the topic of high-level insider shop talk. For over three decades, his live events, systems and techniques have empowered starters and pros alike to Discover, Design and Deliver their gift onstage and online. His proven track record and methods have secured him clients like: Motorola, 3M, Mitsubishi, Shell, Canon, IBM, Intel, Cargill, Disney and Panasonic, to name a few. He’s presented from stages in front of hundreds of thousands, with record-setting closing rates. He’s been on just about every major television network, including ABC, NBC, CBS, MTV and CNN and appeared in too many major newspapers to count. And up until one of his students (Russell Brunson) topped his records, Joel held the record for 1st, 2nd and 3rd highest gross sales from a single-stage. But none of those “bragging rights” or “claims to fame” really matter much to Joel. See… the real reason so many people (including the biggest names) seek him out, and the reason you’ve probably heard his name come up more than once isn’t any of those things. Joel’s real gift for everyone, including you, if you’re looking to connect better and sell more, is his LEGENDARY 20-MOVE MATRIX. If you ask your “guru”, mentor, coach or trainer what their process is for genuinely connecting and “killing it on the close”, odds are it will track back to Joel’s Matrix. Top income-producing speakers, presenters and online marketers, like Jordan Belfort, Joe Polish, Eben Pagan, Peng Joon and Kevin Trudeau, ALL hale Joel as a source of their methods and success. It’s his students and their accomplishment that tell the tale and explain why you NEED TO LEARN THE SECRETS of this man’s game-changing 20-Move Matrix – IMMEDIATELY. Support: [email protected]