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Jody Levy




I make art. I design products. I create stories. I invest in inspiring people and their vision. I love to lead. I believe brands can empower people to be healthy and happy and in balance with our planet. A few of the things I am into /// NeuroPraxis Digital App /// Find us on the iTunes App Store! SUMMIT | Global Director + CEO The Milk Cleanse | Founder + CEO NeuroPraxis | Founder + CEO WTRMLN WTR | Founder GEM&BOLT Mezcal | Founding partner Lifeway Kefir | Board of Directors NOETIC Psychedelic Fund | Advisor The Multiverse | Advisor RBL REMOTE | Online Fitness Studio Some of my favorite investments /// Bulletproof Thrive Market Parsley Health The WELL The (Mushroom) Multiverse NOETIC Psychedelic Fund Inscape Full Cycle Fund GEM&BOLT Mezcal