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Jodine Dorce




👩🏾‍💻 Head of Live Events, WaitWhat Listen to our podcasts: Spark & Fire, Masters of Scale and Meditative Story, wherever you stream your favorite podcast. 🎙📻 Host of Apollo Music Cafe (Apollo Theater) and Capital Jazz TV. Member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. 💙🕊 Founder of Jodine’s Corner (Clubhouse Club) that shares and produces content to Elevate your Mind, Balance your Body and Feed your SOUL! Pretty much, I’m the 🇭🇹 vegan with a 🎤and🍷in my hand that also likes to work in the background and make magic happen. My other interest includes: Plant-Based Foods, Veganism Lifestyle, Wholistic Health, Tech, Startups, Spirituality, Astrology, the Culture, Influencer Marketing, Public Speaking, Unsolved Mysteries and the progress of Haiti! I’m here to learn and share. Let’s connect, grow and build things together. My DMs are always open.