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🏆Award Winning Voice Actor @ 🎧 SOVAS nominated Audio Branding Podcast host: 🎙Club Creator of The Power of Sound (Want to create a room about sound under the umbrella of the club? Get in touch! I’m always looking for folks to co-moderate too!) 🐉 Multimedia Geek & D&D Enthusiast 📌 Connect with me on LinkedIn: 📡 Want me to be on your podcast? You’ll find a bunch of info about the value I c...


02/15/2023 7:00 PM

The Power of Sound

Insights For Bilingual Voice Talent - 1 HR


As a bilingual (or multi-lingual!) voice actor, you have both unique challenges and unique selling points. You have a lot to offer clients all over the world. So how do you help your clients understand what you can do for them? How can you market yourself and what things do you need to take into consideration when you do so? My expert panelists have a great deal of wisdom to share on this subj...

02/16/2023 7:00 PM

The Power of Sound

Voices in Podcasting (VIP) - Let's Share Insights! 1 Hour

We'll discuss podcasting production, the increasing opportunities available as well as new trends and strategies. How can you use your voice more confidently and engage your listeners more? Let's talk!