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Jodie Solberg




🌟Mental Wellness & Success Coach 💡Certified Hypnotherapist 🗝 Helping female entrepreneurs tap into the power of their subconscious mind to get unstuck so they can uplevel in their lives and businesses. 💪🏻 Creator of The Emotional Empowerment Project: An 8 week DIY course to raise your emotional intelligence. Increase your confidence, live in your values, build healthy relationships, create personal and professional boundaries, and prioritize self-care. Get more info and download my FREE Stress Less Survival Tips at ✨Founder of The Clarity Collective: A guided hypnotherapy program where you’ll get access to an entire vault of hypnotherapy recordings on topics such as changing habits, making decisions, finding your purpose, overcoming imposter syndrome, opening yourself to prosperity and abundance, and getting a mental reset. Plus 1-2 new guided sessions, and access to 2 live mental wellness coaching calls every month. To download my FREE Guide to Mastering Mindfulness and learn more about this program, go to 🙋🏻‍♀️ Want to know more about how mental wellness coaching and hypnotherapy can benefit you? Get your questions answered and book a FREE 30 minute Explore call at or DM me on Instagram @psyched_up_success