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Jo Bevilacqua




The Pragmatic Business Mentor - Helping you grow your business in a strong, sustainable way for REAL business success, using practical tools, knowledge and experience. Doors now open to my mastermind group ‘The Vault’ for the first time in a year! Dm me on Instagram to see if it’s right for you ❤️ Multi-award winning, multi business owner (both bricks and mortar and online), business mentor and author. Great at starting businesses, getting the right team in, then stepping back and earning an income without being in the business. Known for helping entrepreneurs and business owners to start and scale their businesses, AND do the above if that is their goal Author of best selling book ‘No Longer Last On The List’ Often seen in the press for business achievements & Often Invited to Buckingham Palace & the House of Lords for my contribution to business and the community Grateful for this journey