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Joan Good




I’m first a Believer, a ‘doing’ (action taking) Follower of Christ. Everything else come after. I’m a Business Coach and Award winning Publisher of best sellers. I love when Believers use what they have to create wealth instead of depending on the systems of the world 🌎 DM me “Wealth 💰 Balance” to get my FREE 10 Wealth strategies. Since 2001, I’ve helped thousands of people to: ✨Start their own businesses ✨ Create outstanding brands ✨ Publish bestselling books ✨Featured in major media ✨Tour the world ✨Create Global brands ✨ Heal from Trauma (read my first book - From Brokenness To Victory) I’m an 8th time Author and a Global awarded CEO and Founder of: 🏆Business Startup & Marketing Solutions an online & brick & mortar. I help your regular Jack & Jill to monetize their ideas to make 6 figures. 📚 JWG Publishing House where we publish best selling books and magazines. 🎤 Brand - Good Life Global Tour 🥤And my spanking brand new investment: BlendCycle a wellness nutrition club - offering organic & plant 🌱 based juices, smoothies, bowls, spin cycling and monthly wellness classes. Media As seen on Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Fox 26, 28, Fox 40, 43, Tom Joyner, Sheen Magazine, Rollingout, Multiple Streams Magazine, & more. ✔️ Ready to grow your brand with branding, media and outbound marketing? Join my FREE Coaching FB ✔️Ready to finally publish your story? Let’s chat! Facebook: DrJoan Wright Good Biz: Personal site: Office: 561-412-7772