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Nick Hughes




CEO of Founders Live Elevating entrepreneurial equality around the world. šŸŒ šŸŽ‰ Join our free fan club --> šŸŽ¬ Founders Live is the global marketplace connecting entrepreneurs to people, resources, capital and global exposure they need for success. šŸŽ¤ As a global venue, Entrepreneurs jump at the opportunity to earn recognition, taste fame, connect with other entrepreneurs, and truly become rockstars through our unique pitch competitions and inspiring community. āš”ļø 2014 - we launched on a rainy Friday night in Seattle and Founders Live is now expanding on every continent in more than 70 cities, 25 counties and aimed at inspiring many millions of people to realize their fullest potential and re-aligning entrepreneurship towards a more purposeful endeavor. [copy/paste links] šŸŽ‰ Join our free fan club --> Interested in Leading founders Live in your city or country? ā†’