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Jeanette Madden




NFTs. The art. The technology. The community. It's exciting to participate in this evolution that's changing the world as we know it. Born in 1950, I've witnessed developments in how we exchange and process information. From the early days of telephones, television, desktop computers, the internet, cyberspace and crypto-technologies — It's been my good fortune to have experienced it all. For those of my generation, this is science fiction become real. I've been a graphic designer, a mixed media artist, a caricaturist and now I create my art on the iPad. Like me, my art ranges from a deep connection to the unseen, all the way to a sense of frivolity and amusement. I love the human form and express human being and doing in varied ways; the next body of work and the next, following the same thread of expressing the human spirit in a myriad of ways.