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Takashi ONODA




小野田高砂法律事務所・代表弁護士。 文京区本郷三丁目で社会起業家のビジネス横断的支援を業務の柱に据え、2016年11月に、法律事務所併設の社会起業家向けシェアオフィス「social hive HONGO」開設。 After encountering the Great East Japan Earthquake in Morioka, I developed a plan for volunteers in the Tokyo Bar Association to visit the tsunami-affected areas, which I have continued to implement. In November 2016, I opened my own law firm, Takasago Onoda Law Office, in Hongo Sanchome with a shared office for social entrepreneurs ("social hive HONGO"). In addition to providing legal support, I support the vulnerability of social businesses by visualizing and organically linking human resources and social interests related to solving social issues. In addition to this, I provide people involved in social problem solving with the perspective (experiential awareness) that there is no simple dichotomy in the realm of social issues.