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JoAnne Lenart-Weary




Fearless, Funny, & Practical Coach, Educator, & Speaker specializing in Decorating, Staging, Entrepreneurship, & Marketing. 🦹‍♀️SUPERPOWERS 🤩Longevity-entrepreneur for 45 years 🏡 Turning a love for design into a successful business 👩‍🏫 Course Developer 💡Professional Brainstormer 🎤Enthusiastic & Funny Speaker 🎨Color, Decorating, Staging Expert 📚System Driven Educator for Decorators, Designers, Stylists, & Stagers 🛋 Courses for Realtors, Furniture & Decor Stores Find Me 📧[email protected] 📞 814-440-3044 💻 💻 I’m in Clubhouse to: 🪄Get Creative 👥Collaborate 📱Co-Mod-Design, Staging, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business, Women, & Mom Topics 🥰Help You Love Your Home MEDIA & MORE 📺 HGTV, ABC, and Regional Networks 🎙Industry Expert & Speaker 🏚 National Speaker-Home and Garden Expos 📚Published Author & Columnist ✳️ Clubhouse Moderator-Every Friday at 9:30am ET 📌#DesignersMasterclass Founder of An online community empowering others to create a Home that looks & feels good. COURSES FOR PROFESSIONALS & DIY 📕Confident Color System 📒 One Day Decorating 📗 Professional Interior Decorating 📚 Various Mini and Master Classes 📍Located Erie, PA but love to travel FREEBIES 🆓 “Five Things Every Room Needs” 🆓 “Color Made Easy” 25334