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Johanne Kesten




Pronounced “Yo-Hanna” (rhymes with banana) Check out Guilty Conscience on Prime Video or Tubi! Actor Singer Voice Actor Improv 4th Generation Entertainer Founder “The Actor’s Book Club” on Clubhouse 529 Club Creatives Ambassador 🎙 Come join us in our Actors Workshop rooms! Monday nights at 8 pm eastern & Tuesdays at 2 pm eastern MA/NYC Training: HB Studio || Edge Studio Member EMC SAG Eligible Seeking Representation Returning to the industry after a long hiatus. History in theatre. Transitioning to Film/TV. Film Credits: Lowest Places: Lost Time • Jody Guilty Conscience • Dr Selene Regional MT Credits include: Terry Thompson (Babes in Arms) - Berkshire Theatre Festival Mme de la Grande Bouche (Beauty and the Beast) - Sharon Playhouse Here to connect, learn, and collaborate. Contact me on IG (linked below) about one on one acting coaching Love dialect work and languages ✨ Already adept with British RP, French, and German accents and constantly expanding that list. Mother✨ Cowgirl✨ Mental Health Awareness Advocate ✨ Intuitive✨ So grateful to be a part of this amazing creative community! ✨Authenticity’s the key✨ ✨What would happen if you turned your magic all the way up? ✨✨✨ “A smile is the shortest distance between two people” -Victor Borge Venmo • @JKesten 🖤