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John Izze




Founder of Harley&Heart: where we accept where you are in life, not where you or others say you “should” be.🔹Blogger and Support Contact at (Help for Adult Victims of Child Abuse)🔹Board Member at Social Wisdom Initiative ( I am the Founder of Harley &Heart where we believe that all people are judged by how they appear and behave to the outside world. However, sometimes the way we appear to others is not who we are authentically at our core. Shadowing our true self happens when we hide our inner truth by living our life how we want to be seen by others. When we learn to question the motivations behind our behaviors, we set the wheels in motion to live more authentically. My Golden Rule: Accept People where they are in life, not where you think they “should” be. I offer One-On-One sessions for my clients on healthy masculinity, motivations behind behaviors, triumph through tragedy, and adults and children who have been sexually abused. I’m also a public speaker, and offer corporate gatherings on how your employees effect the bottom line My website: