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💥Currently seeking a marketing analytics /marketing science role for experienced (5+years) candidates, or similar data analytics roles in product or growth analytics INFJ-T Advocate 💜 🗣 📊Join the DA/DS interview community on Discord! We are supporting each other on this job search and I am also offering help as a mentor ⭐ 👩🏻About me: ✨Former Analytics Manager at Spark Foundry (ad agency under Publicis Groupe) ✨Former E-commerce entrepreneur ✨Former Hulu(gan) Advertising Research Lead ✨Former Nielsen MMM Marketing Research Analyst ✨Penn Alum - Go Quakers! Lover of math (3rd gen math educator), forever mentor (reach out to me please💜), constantly discovering new things to learn and new ways to expand my mind and heart space. 📚Currently learning: 한국어 Korean 🧮SQL & Python 💜The Passion Economy 🙇🏻‍♀️How to improve my mentorship methods and refining my servant leadership approach 🤲How to help other BIPOC get equity, justice, and a seat at the table 💓Some of my other interests: 🐶Dogs 🍜Trying new restaurants and recipes ✈️Traveling on points and miles 🍷Fine wine (Pinot from Cali & Ore) 💜BTS 🤩Fun fact: I volunteered at a bakery for three months to try out my dream of starting a food business (it helped me decide that the timing wasn’t right, but I had a lot of fun!)