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Jonathan G. Blanco




🧑🏽‍💻 Founder at - NFT minting, selling, & custody for Brands on their channels - TF Startup Studio, NFT Agency, Blockchain Agency, Media Agency (Strategy, Marketing, Content, & Software Development) - Video Pitch Profiles for Founders and Investors - AI Video Resumes and Analytics for Hiring ✳️ Clubhouse Club Founder - FounderStreams 🖼Artist @ 🦄Unicorn Boardroom 🇻🇪 Latino / Se habla español 🚀 Bitcoin, NFT, Branded Stable Coins, Blockchain (Building Product & Apps, Advising C-Level, and Consulting w/ companies since 2017) 💡 I turn ideas into Products, Startups, Brands, & NFTs LinkedIn: 🖤