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Jessica Zuik




Motherhood Coach 🤰🏻 Soulful Mama🌺 Spiritual Seeker🌙 Owner: Connected Mother Coaching Leader: Connected Mothers FB group - join us 😘 I move through this world beside the most amazing women helping them to powerfully traverse their transitions - to slay their identity crises with ease and joy and grace. Together we seek to ➡️ CONNECT to our inner power 💥 ➡️ Fan the flame that grows in our bellies - the one that houses our deepest LONGINGS and greatest DESIRES 🎇 ➡️ Feel INSPIRED by the people around us 💐 ➡️ Receive the JOY and the FREEDOM our connection with self creates The 🎩 I wear - mommy, nurse, wife, friend, partner, seeker, author, creator, speaker, gardener, and lover of life ✨ ⭐️ Looking to CONNECT and COLLAB 🗣 Ping me into rooms about: spiritual journey, energy work, personal power, thought work, mothering, parenthood, pregnancy, and divine feminine energy