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Jessica Terzakis




💫 I help entrepreneurs create, launch, and fill their group coaching program with 8-10 clients in 3 months or less. If you want to... 🎤 Teach and transform people 🌟 Be known for your teaching 💰 Make more and work less Then it’s time for you to create a group program! __________ About me: 💃🏻From teacher to multiple six figure entrepreneur and speaker 💥Co-founder of Terzakis & Associates, a multiple six figure business consulting firm 📈We help our clients scale their businesses past six figures 💰I focus on helping entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, and experts how to monetize their ideas through group programs and online courses __________ 🌟Lover of good word choice, old literature, poetry, German Shepherds, Maine Coons, and a glass of tequila on the rocks __________ 🗣Topics I can speak about... Group programs, engagement in programs, offer creation, curriculum, instructional design, working in a family owned business, teaching, selling from the stage and more! Send me an email at [email protected] 📍Portsmouth, NH, USA 🇺🇸