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Jessica Sacher




🧫🦠 PhD microbiologist & co-founder of Phage Directory (managing bad bacteria with good viruses)! 💊💻 -> We help doctors find phages when antibiotics fail, & we help companies & medical centres expand their phage collections (@phagedirectory on Twitter) 🎙Co-host of Phage Club rooms on Fridays. 📺 Host of PHAVES, the virtual event series for phage professionals (Watch:; sign up: 🏥⚕️Looking to chat w/ healthcare providers facing difficult-to-treat infections - have you considered phage? (Especially looking to talk to woundcare professionals treating diabetic foot infections🦶) 🐄🐓 Also curious to talk to agriculture innovators - looking for an alternative to antibiotics? 📍Calgary & Atlanta 🇨🇦 Canadian