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Jesse Damiani




🖖 Media Futurist. ✍️ Forbes. Curator & Director of Simulation Literacies at Nxt Museum. 🔎 I explore how media and communication technologies are evolving—and how they’re evolving us. ⌨️ I cover art, tech, and emerging media on Forbes, with other work in Associated Press, The Verge, and WIRED. I also run Reality Studies, a publication about postreality: 🖼 I’m a founding curator at Nxt Museum, the first new media fine art museum in The Netherlands. The first exhibition, ‘Shifting Proximities,’ features the work of United Visual Artists, Heleen Blanken, Thijs Biersteker, The Algorithmic Justice League (Joy Buolamwini), Cao Yuxi, Roelof Knol, Marshmallow Laser Feast, and Lucy McRae and Dr. Niels Wouter. ▶️ Recent Curation: 🔹 PROOF OF ART at Francisco Carolinum in Linz, (June 2021) 🔹 The XR summit at Games for Change (July 2021) 🔹 Sea Change at Vellum LA x SuperRare for LA Art Show (July 2021) ⏩ Upcoming Curation: ♦️ SYNTHETIC WILDERNESS at Honor Fraser Gallery, featuring the work of artists Nancy Baker Cahill, Xin Liu, and LaJuné McMillian (September 2021)