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Half man, half clubhouse ☕️Former baristachamp & coffeewatcher. Moderator: Available for creative brainstorms 📱06 42979473 📩 [email protected] ☕️ Love to help you with (online) business with coffee ☕️ Love to help you create distinctive coffee concepts ☕️ Co-founder and owner at COFFEELAB 💥 I won the very very first Dutch barista championships in the Netherlands. 2002/2003 📗 Since then i’m sharing all my knowledge with anyone who wants to hear and see it 🎥 I love to visualize and share coffee and catering related content beautifully and quickly 🎤 love to speak for audience about the commercial role of coffee in out of home and small/large business. 🚲 love to guide groups thru inspiring cities by bike. Visit distinctive bars and restaurants. And meet the owners.