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Jeremy McKane




Artist / Explorer / Blockchain OG ⭐️ Founder / CEO Ocean Currency Network ✨ Measurement as a Service ✨ Quantifying True Value of MPAs ✨ Using Blockchain to share oceanic data for global collaboration ⭐️ Co-Founder ULTRAMARINE ⭐️ Explorers Club Member ⭐️ Installation Artist: - Environmental Neurofeedback Installation ⭐️ Building the world’s largest carbon drawdown lab. 
⭐️ The whole story: Clubhouse User number: 9828 quantifies the true value of marine protected areas. Using Blockchain, Machine Learning and Autonomous Vessels. Our mission is to create the possibility of protecting 30% of The Ocean by 2030. This means we need high tech enforcement. Our autonomous vessels intercept illegal fishing operations and in extreme situations we will disable their propulsion systems. This allows the authorities to catch up with and arrest offenders. My brain controlled LUCiD installation toured for 3 years and was helpful in the ban of single use plastics in the European Union. Paid for by The German Ministry on behalf of the G7 Presidential Summit. My work GLiTCH and NULL/VOID is the very first use of NFTs for Ocean Conservation. ETHEREUM BLOCK # 11439566 Dropped 10/13/2020 ✊ 🚨join ultramarine🚨