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Jeremy Hohn




Well well, thanks for tapping on my face. I’m Jeremy the VeeFriends Heart Trooper #7 Founder at VeeFam (Not Yet a DAO) Moderator at VeeFriends Discord NFT Community Ally & Educator Twitter: @JeremyKnowsVF Discord: @JeremyKnows#4360 Instagram: @Wannabeaveefriend . Wanna Be A Vee Friend is a community on Instagram and Twitch (and Clubhouse? and, and,) and I don’t know everything, but I believe we can uncover most of it if we work together. . My favorite word is Coddiwomple. It means: “to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.” —————- I wonder if this Yat will work on Clubhouse??✌️❤️🤡 Frontman of @wannabeaveefriend Clown / Teacher / Factotum Jeremy Charles Hohn Other VF related IG Accounts: @veefriends_news @lets.veefriends What else do you want to know? Ask me anything