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Jeremy Dow




🤠Selfless, kind-hearted, shit-talking, Gen-X’er quick to bounce if the vibe is off. 😤Opinionated with what I consider to be a morally sound judgment. 🙄Politically Centrist and typically can’t stand most people ideologies. 🤫Listen more than I speak and many of you should do the same. 🤡Trolling chat to the best of my abilities often deleting my own comments. 🤓Believer of Panpsychism/Pantheism. Worth a google if you’re unfamiliar. Areas I’ve lived: 📍Born and raised in Texas (Amarillo) 📍Stationed in Idaho (Mt. Home) 📍Back to Texas (DFW Metro) 📍Reside in Oklahoma (OKC Metro) A few of the places I’ve visited: 📍Mexico (Mazatlán) 📍Nevada (Las Vegas) 📍Arizona (Phoenix) 📍New Mexico (Angel Fire & Red River) 📍Colorado (Keystone & Breckinridge) 📍Kansas (Wichita) 📍Arkansas (Hot Springs) 📍Missouri (Branson & Springfield) 📍Kentucky (Lexington) 📍Florida (Daytona Beach) **Open to invites from states not listed** Credentials: 🫡🇺🇸Prior USAF 🛢🔧Oil field mechanic 🧰⚙️Manual & CNC Machinist 🧑‍💻📑CAD Design/Draftsman 🕵️‍♂️💼ISO 9001 Internal Auditor 📈📉Stock & Crypto Investor Interests: (not limited to and ordered for appearance only) ⛳️🏌️ Golfing 🚤🌊 Boating ⛺️🔥 Camping 🤘🎸 Rock Concerts 🏂🏔Snowboarding 🐶🌳 Dog Parks/Walks 🪐☄️ General/Special Relativity 🐠🤿 Scuba Diving / Snorkeling 🏓🏓 Table tennis/ Ping Pong ⚛️☯️ Quantum Mechanics 🛸👽 Futurism/Sci-Fi 🧠📖 Consciousness 🧬🩸 Epigenetics 🦾🤖 Robotics Like what you see⁉️ Don’t forget to follow‼️