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Jennifer Oglesby




⭐️Au-some Subscription Box⭐️ ⭐️Au-some Mom⭐️. 💫Owner of adult residential facilities for autistic adults ⭐️Accesibility⭐️Inclusion⭐️Diverse Ability⭐️ 📖 My Story ♾ My Why 📖 11 years ago, my 17 year old son was diagnosed with Autism. 3 years ago we realized that he would not be able to live independently, so we developed adult residential facilities for our son and others in the community. 💥About Jennifer?💥 💥Master’s Degree in Education 💥Owner of 2 adult residential facilities 💥Launching : All Things Diverse Abilities programs (Social Skills)(Training)(Consulting) 💥Aspiring BCBA (October 2021) 💥20 plus years of experience in mental health 💥Wife & Mom of 4 boys and we adopted 1 girl 📍My Businesses📍 📍CEO of two Adult Residential Facilities for autistic males. 📍CEO of Helping Hand of America (non-profit / 501c3), which provides no cost services to individuals with diverse abilities. 🏠 My INTENT in Clubhouse 🏠 👉🏾 Empower parents of children with disabilities. 👉🏾 Provide unique resources for families 👉🏾 Promote Adult Residential Facilities 👉🏾 Help families go from 👉diagnosis 👉services👉adult residential facilities Topics I am PASSIONATE about: 💙 Autism 💙 Adult Residential Facilities 💙 Foster-care to Adoption 💙 Inclusion 💙 Special Education 💙 All Things Diverse Abilities 👇🏾 Let’s Connect on Clubhouse👇🏾 Tuesday’s at 7am PST Coffee☕️ and Tea 🫖 with Jen and Kei 🗣 As moms of children with autism, we will talk about all things diverse abilities. Our room connects families of children with disabilities and parents of neurotypocal children. We discuss everything from the diagnosis, IEPs, programs and services, Inclusion to Adult Residential Facilities. The best part is for us to connect organically and help each other. 😊 👇🏾 LET’S CONNECT 👇🏾 💻 www. 📧 [email protected] 📲 DM and tag me on Instagram 👇🏾Instagram👇🏾