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Jennifer A. Goodman




Award winning Producer 🎥 | SAG Actress 🎭 | Writer ✍🏼 | Filmmaker. Co-Star Better Call Saul The Unseen with RJ Mitte in theatres June 30 SR Conrad Series with Harry Lennix Co-Founder of Lakefront Pictures. We elevate unheard voices and tell stories untold to change narrow perspectives I’m on the Autism Spectrum but it’s my super power! 🎬Our production company Lakefront Pictures has an office at Cinespace Chicago where the Chicago shows are filmed The Unseen, our horror thriller is in Hollywood’s Deadline! Comes out this summer! Our production company Lakefront Pictures creates actor demo reels for actors ! Reach out if you need a scene! Fill out a demo request form! Email [email protected] with questions! TV Show 📺 I wrote & produced a 44 minute high production value crime thriller Tv episodic Conrad Series with Harry Lennix and Eric Roberts about a female detective on the spectrum Story touches on women empowerment I’m an Actress on the autism spectrum SAG Article on me In Forbes! - tv show - production company All my links in one place Check my ♣️ 🏡 Thriving Filmmakers! ACTOR REPRESENTION 🔹Ambassador Talent - Chicago 🔹Eris Talent NYC/LA 🔹Bankston Talent - NM CHECK OUR PILOT AND TRAILER Trailer on the site. Ask for the 44 minute high production value show MY PROJECTS • NBC Chicago 🔥licensed our footage • CONRAD SERIES - Female detective on the autism spectrum uncovers a covert operation *In Forbes magazine *11k followers * Blue ✔️ • The Unseen - coming to theatres this summer!! Writer of all 3 projects above ♣️ 🏡: Stand up, Speak up, SAFE Sets 8pm CST Sundays Mental health advocate 🦋 Award 2018 Top 10 women in production and film WELL VERSED ON: ✨Raising capital ✨Negotiating Contracts ✨Set Coordinating ✨Set Producing ✨Business Development/Sales 15 years’ ✨Creating Pitch Decks for films/TV ✨Network pitching via zoom ✨Writing Consultant ✨Celebrity Talent PRODUCTION COMPANY Lakefront Pictures Our Mission: We amplify unheard voices and tell stories untold to change narrow perspectives 𝙼𝚈 𝙵𝙸𝙻𝙼𝙼𝙰𝙺𝙴𝚁 𝚂𝙸𝚃𝙴 𝙼𝚈 𝙸𝙼𝙳𝚋 𝚂𝙸𝚃𝙴