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Jena Bagley




Email Marketing Success Coach—AWeber 💌 Have me train your membership/community on email | I teach entrepreneurs and creators how to quickly launch their email marketing strategy without the overwhelm. ➡️Learn more about me at 🎤I’m an awesome podcast/webinar guest! ✳️Ask me to co-host/moderate your next Clubhouse room Suggested Topics: ✅Creating & Launching an Email Marketing Campaign From Scratch ✅The Synergy Between Email & Social Media ✅Best Practices in the Modern Email Marketing Landscape ✅How to Make More Money Online ✅Get repeat customers with Etsy and email marketing Follow my club ‘Email Marketing Success’ to get notified of upcoming rooms. 💲I also help creators, coaches and brands bring in another stream of income through the AWeber Advocate program. 🖥 🔍Looking for B2B affiliates who want to partner with an ESP to recommend to their community. Bio: As the Advocate Manager for AWeber, a leading email service provider and the very first autoresponder, Jena Bagley works closely with content creators, podcasters, social media strategists, coaches, entrepreneurs, and more. Through email marketing you can connect with your audience and drive them back to your podcast, blog, website or social platforms over and over again, keeping you top of mind. Having worked in several different industries over her career, including restaurant, bridal, real estate, recruiting, direct sales, affiliate, and SaaS, Jena has acquired a wealth of knowledge about sales, marketing, and what it really means to build a relationship with your target audience. Heard On: 🎙Blog with Ben podcast 🎙Say Yes to Entrepreneurship 🎙The Virtual Hustle Podcast 🎙Direct Sales Success Summit 🎙Beer and Business 🎙Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Mastermind 🎙Podcasthers 🎙The Determined Mom podcast 🎙Business Sales Accelerator 🎙Homebase Essentials 🎙Brandprint Summit 🎙Build Your Online Business podcast 🎙The Confident Woman podcast 🎙The Be Movement Show 🎙Etsy Conversations 🎙Handmade & Beyond podcast 🎙Profitable Mompreneur 🎙And so many more! What people are saying: “Thank you for joining me on the show - you’ve got great info and I’m sure my audience will love this episode!” “Dude! We did it! Thank you! I’m so grateful that the community got to hear and learn from you.” Connect with Jena: Email: ‪[email protected]‬ LinkedIn: ‪‬ or book a call with me ➡️