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Jen Aks




Hi, I’m Jen😊 I am the founder of “The Power of Gesture” which is a groundbreaking form of moving meditation and that combines gestures with music. 🎶 “The Power of Gesture” will help you release the emotions that are blocking you by setting them free with embodied gesture so that you can live your fullest life. 💪 How can I experience “The Power of Gesture"? 1️⃣ Free 30 minute Gesture workshop every Tuesday 10:00AM EST and Wednesday at 12:00PM on zoom. Link is in my IG bio @thepowerofgesture Between the people, the music and the creative gestures, intentions are set and joy is experienced! 🥰 👏 I am also the founder and curator of The herStories Collection which came to life during the 2020 Pandemic as a way to help Womxn remain connected to their bodies, stories, and emotions to avoid further isolation and disembodiment. Through the curation of 150 mini documentaries where I worked with a diverse group of Womxn, The herStories Collection influenced hundreds of people around the globe. These stories represent resiliency, diversity, and our shared humanity communicated through “The Power of Gesture.” How can I work with Jen? 1️⃣ Private Coaching 2️⃣ Group Coaching/ Workshops 3️⃣ Speaking engagements I believe that no matter how life has presented itself, there is no reason why we cannot create art of it through this embodied expression. My philosophy. 📢 When we are willing to be vulnerable, we teach, and when we listen, we learn. As a result, acceptance for ourself and others deepens, which cultivates empathy and compassion around the world.🙏🏻 Things I LOVE ◈Bodies of water ◈Closing my eyes and going IN ◈My family ◈My kids ◈My girlfriends ◈My dog Sophie ◈Swimming in lakes ◈Costa Rica & Mexico