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Jeff Spencer




- Olympian and other cool stuff. - Helped athletes win 40+ Olympic, World, National and Tour de France gold medals and other Mavericks dominate their fields. - A few people helped... Bono (U2), Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Dave Asprey, Nike, you get it... - Jim Kwik, NYT Best Selling Author of “Limitless” says, “In a rapidly changing world, clarity of thought and unshakeable certainty that you can achieve your biggest aspirations is becoming more difficult to come by. Dr. Jeff Spencer is the best in the world at creating clarity by discerning the most efficient path forward, certainty that you achieve what matters most and then strategically collapsing the time so that the finish line comes to you faster than you ever thought possible. If you want to get to the top and stay there, you need the clarity and certainty that you can only get from a true cornerman like Dr. Jeff Spencer. “ - Chris Voss, NYT Best Selling Author or “Never Split The Difference”, says, “Jeff’s ability to find the smoothest, fastest, least uncertain path forward in complexity is surreal. It’s not accident his clients repeatedlsy achieve the extraordinary. If you’re serious about getting to the top and staying there, you need Jeff Spencer as your Cornerman.” Want to achieve greatness? Free PDF... Stalk me at