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Jeffry Finer




Civil rights lawyer, federal criminal defense, law lecturer, and law school adjunct. Thirty-nine years in court, argued (and lost) in US Supreme Court in ‘96. I frequently tune in the cocoa connection, physics, and civil rights clubs. ••• strategy, technique, heart ••• STRATEGY 围棋 player (aka Go in Japan, Baduk in Korea) for 50 years; 3 kyu. Consumer of cutting edge AI (AlphaGo, etc). I overreach and try to read maths (Reimann, number theory), physics (principally spacetime fundamentals, e.g., Carlo Rovelli, Siege on Information theory, Leiber on Einstein), “It’s about time” club, and the foundations of western philosophy. Ready to learn what’s there to be known. TECHNIQUE • Shotokan student (Ohshima, SKA, 10 special trainings, shodan); retired. • National Criminal Defense College (Macon, ‘87) Lesson: “practice does not make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect” HEART • Amateur! oil and encaustic painter • BFA, Yale (long ago, ‘75). • Winters I telemark in North Idaho. Books and podcasts for timeless thinking: • History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps, Peter Adamson’s comprehensive, delightful, and engaging stroll through millennia of deeper thought by some of the most engaging men and women to have ever lived. Western, middle eastern, African, Indian, and eventually Eastern. • On Grand Strategy, John Gaddis, putting a strong frame onto Isaiah Berlin’s “fox and hedgehog” parable. This book needs a room. • The Protracted Game, Boorman, an analysis of Mao Tse Tung’s application of Go to his victory over the Koumintang army, 1949. • Kim Stanley Robinson, fiction, futurist, economist, political philosopher. This guy needs a club. He was a terrific guest speaker on 12/6/21 appearing with the SciFi club. • Karen Barad, philosopher and particle physicist, changing how we think about binary beliefs, gender, feminism.