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🚀 The game changing business platform built to help business grow while supporting the ocean. Every other Breath we take comes from the Ocean!
 🎯Launched successful online training courses back in 2000 💻 🎯 Photographed the 👑Crown Jewels & many famous paintings 🖼 & jewellery 💎 from the top brands. 🎯Photographer with thousands of images sold 🎯 Multiple online business

Sailor | Surfer | All things Yachting | Ocean Warrior | LinkedIn Strategy Trainer | Business Strategy Consultant | Generating Leads and Driving Traffic on LinkedIn. Sustainability Yacht Living. Creative Marketing Guy, my dyslexia gives me an advantage to look at things differently and there for think outside the box, born with an enlarged heart! 👉launching soon. Looking to team up with people on Clubhouse to collaborate and make a bigger impact together. Send me a DM now on IG 👇 to find out more and collaborate ❤️
 🔥It’s the secret weapon to help your SEO & Social Responsibility all in a simple and cost effective way We are Growing fast while still in beta testing - DM me to add your business to the platform for a special price - for a limited time only, or use my creative thinking for your business - DM me below//

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