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💥Workplace Play Whisperer 📰 NY Times, Mashable, & Upworthy 🌿 Top 100 HR Influencer 🤹🏾Building Psychologically SAFE Workspaces Through PLAY & Positive Psychology -—————🇻🇨🇵🇭Highlights🇵🇭🇻🇨——————- 🧠 Int’l Positive Psychology Play Keynote Speaker 📻 Play Work Featured On 150 Podcasts In 2020 🏹 SXSW, INBOUND, HR Virtual Summit 🥋Cobra Kai Aficionado 🧙‍♂️Weirdos/Nerds Unite 🤹🏾When I’m Not On CH, I Make Videos Making Fun Of CH (See Instagram for details) -————🇻🇨Vincentian ☀️🇵🇭 Filipino—————- ——🇻🇨🇵🇭Ways To Play On Clubhouse🇵🇭🇻🇨——- TIP 1️⃣ Identify what is driving you into a room: Curiosity/Play/Experimentation Vs. Ego/Perfection/Shame If the room doesn’t “bring you joy,” Marie Kondo that room and bounce TIP 2️⃣ Prioritize exploring small rooms (the weirder, the better) where you can connect with people in a non-BS, real way Big rooms tend to give off that insecure, high school, try hard vibe TIP 3️⃣ DM the people you resonate with & tell them what you appreciated about what they said in that particular Clubhouse room (avoid platitudes) ———🇻🇨🇵🇭Topics I love talking about🇵🇭🇻🇨——- ✴️ Navigating Difficult Conversations ✴️ Eradicating A-Holes From The Workplace ✴️ How To Deal With Office Politics ✴️ How To Play With Your Inner Critic ✴️ How To Rediscover Your Play/Flow/Ikigai ✴️ Destroying Patriarchy & Supremacy Power ———🇻🇨🇵🇭Looking to connect with🇵🇭🇻🇨——— ✴️ Moderators Desiring Playful Co-Moderators That Bring A Unique Energy To Clubhouse Rooms ✴️ Podcasters 📻 & Reporters 📰 ✴️ Learning & Development Teams ✴️ VP’s of Talent & HR Teams ✴️ People Who Love To Nerd Out & Play -———🇻🇨🇵🇭 My Play Experiments 🇵🇭🇻🇨———- Figure this out and you’ll be unstoppable 🎪Play Experiment #1: What would you do anyway even if you knew you would you fail? 🎪Play Experiment #2: Experiment To Remind Yourself Who You Are Ask 3 - 5 of your friends the following: 1. What value do I bring to your life? 2. When have you seen me come most alive? (I.e. Most playful, most creative, most myself?) You can also pose these questions on social media and see what your friends have to say -——🇻🇨🇵🇭Find me on all the socials🇵🇭🇻🇨——- @JEFFHARRYPLAYS TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn Medium, Twitter