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Jeanne M. Stafford




President of Stafford & Company 🔸Leadership Advisor 🔸Collaboration Specialist 🔸Professional Speaker I work with boards, CEOs and executive teams to get big things done when the people involved have differing agendas and opinions. 📍New York, New York USA 🇺🇸 🌎Past President of National Speaker’s Association, New York City 🗽 🌎Creator of … 🔸Reinventing Conversations (Join the CH room below) 🔸The Devotion Factor 🔸Conflict is Beautiful 🔸Conversations without Corners ▫️Get big things done despite differences ▫️Collaborate to change the world ▫️Cultivate more leaders ▫️Welcome more of what you want ▫️Uncover possibilities ▫️Create opportunities ▫️Deepen your self awareness ▫️Generate more ideas 📚Author of Think. Drink. Eat. Move.; 4 Steps to YES I LOVE being: 👩‍👦‍👦A mother of two princes 🍸A Martini drinker 🌱Pathological optimist 🌸A Moisturizer-aholic 😌A Jackie (Kennedy) Junkie 🏃🏼‍♀️A walker with my precious lab🦮 🎭An Improvisor I LOVE Receiving ✝️From God 🙏🏻From The Blessed Mother 🧘🏼From my meditation practice 🌎From the beautiful life I’ve been given I LOVE Giving 🌱Service on 8 boards 💜Autism (Mom) Awareness ✝️Eucharistic Minister