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Prophetess Liza Jade




🦋 Social Introvert 🦋 Ask and I might tell…Seek and you shall find 💋 ~Liza Jade 💫DF Divine Feminine 💫 It’s your birthright Goddess 💋 Her • She • We Divine & Fit Amazon Ebooks‼️ Get off yo lazy azz beloved 💚 “Ask Jade” on Bigo Live 🤓 Live commentary 💨 Live smoke sessions Earn Bonus in BIGO LIVE! New users or returning users filling in my invitation code 138223292 will get more surprises! Scammers annoy me 😒 don’t back channel me with the foolishness because I’m not dumb‼️ The scams ain’t scamming 🥴 Student life 🤓 HCC 📱 Associates in Studio Art 🎨 Photography MBA on the way 😌 Let’s create shi