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Javairyah Kulthum Aatif




Digital Media Specialist+Editor IPRI | Social Media Associate at London Politica | Researcher | Moderator at the GEOPOLITICS Club | International Relations | Interned at Ministry of Foreign Affairs #MoFA Islamabad | Spectrum: Eurasia ↔️ Indo-Pacific. Particularly interested in East Asian dynamics 💭♟🇵🇰 Moderator at the Geopolitics Club-see you there! You can send in a dm if you’re interested to collaborate or suggest us a topic/person: [email protected] Jah-vayr-eeah: in case you’re wondering how to say my name or just go with Jav 😅 If you’re interested in what I write do give a follow or a clap on medium My latest: To connect further: #Kpop