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💸Fintech|💰Payments |🛠Product Management |🤹‍♀️📈Leadership|🎙✳️ Speaker & Moderator 🇮🇳 Product Strategist for Internet Consumer Products, Fintech & Enterprise Financial Services Offerings. Passionate and focussed on the intersection of consumer behavior, product, innovation and tech shaping the Digital Economy. 🎙about 🔥 (Views personal, not employers) 🏗 Product Management 🛠 Product Strategy 📀 Digital Economy 🏦 Fintech 💳 Payments 🤹‍♀️ Women at Work 📧 For speaking opportunities/ participation in panels/invitation to write, please write to me at Monica dot Jasuja at Gmail dot com 📈 LinkedIn – https://www. 📌 Co-founder of ‘Asian Digital Supermovers’ with @sanyalpritish and @musheer 📌 Admin & APAC Lead of ‘Fintech and Payments’, founded by @26left 🚨Click Follow on my profile and click on the 🔔 icon , setting notifications to “always”. You will be notified of the rooms I lead and join as a 🔊 speaker. Look forward to speaking to you 🎯🎙 My Speaker Commitments 🕔- Club Hangout’s 🛋 ✳️ APAC lead for “Fintech and Payments💰” Club (41K members). Hold AP events to showcase the movers and shakers from Asia. ✳️ “ Building for Asia” Every Saturday on “Asian Digital SuperMovers” Club hosting Product Execs who deep dive on their experience in building successful products for the digital economy ✳️ Run and co-host Chai Gupshup ☕️ every weekend 🥳 we talk to each other each other to discover and rediscover the finer aspects of life 🌻and living🔄 📔Planning a “Women in Product” Weekly Synch Up with Women PMs, please connect if you are willing to volunteer time and/or wish to co-moderate. 🙋‍♀️Who am I? 🗣 🗣 Speaker (TedX, Fintech Events) 👭🪢🙎‍♀️ Mentor to aspiring/junior PM’s and #WomenAtWork 🥗🍱🥬 Passionate Foodie who loves Delhi Street Food ☕️ Chai and Coffee Guzzler 📍New Delhi, India 🇮🇳 ➡️ DMs are open for the duration of the room. ➡️ Email me for any collaboration opportunities.