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Jasmine Tiara




Tech. Culture. Business. Service. Period. For collaborations, partnerships, or sponsorships DM or email [email protected]. ➡️Clubhouse Websites - quick links page so you can see my upcoming schedule and learn more about me and my Clubhouse activities. - Book me if you are a high-performing solopreneur or CEO that needs technical strategy, systems, automation, or Business operations organization support. - landing page for the Buy Black Club, currently a community of over 80,000 members - Black business directory app that's been used over 500,000 times in 2020 ➡️Who Am I? ▪️Huey from Boondocks meets Steve Jobs meets The Good Witch of the North. ▪️ The Keyboard Behind Your Favorite Creative.™ ▪️ Technologist | Solopreneur Strategist | Mobile App Designer | Systems Expert | Black Business Advocate 📍NOLA & ATL 💙Hampton & Georgia State ➡️What do I do? ▪️Technical Strategy: Save entrepreneurs time and money by preventing them from choosing, learning, or implementing the wrong tech in their business. ▪️Systems and Automation: Helping high-performing digital entrepreneurs build completely automated businesses so they can do other things besides work. ▪️Build digital platforms that foster Black Ownership, Black business success, and Black commerce. Download the Black Wallet® Black business directory app. ▪️Operate Buy Black Clubhouse - hosting Black Affirmations, Black Job Board, and Black Business Showers. ▪️Operate Solo Success™ Clubhouse - Teaching solopreneurs how to leverage tech & systems in simple ways so they can successfully become CEOs. ➡️Anything Else? ▪️I am open to cohosting value-providing rooms, connecting on other platforms, and cross-collaborations. ▪️I've been on CNN, ABC, FOX, Medium, Refinery29,, the cover of 500,000 copies of Military Families Magazine worldwide, and more. ▪️Yes, my gray hair is real. I'm 32, and I've had it since I was a child 😊 Reach Out ⤵️ [email protected]