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Jason R Hill




🦉Founder- Owwll App(Start Up) 🎙Host of The Shrimp Tank - Boca Raton 🗽Past NYer now living/working in South Florida 🌞 ————————————————————— 🦉 What is Owwll App ?🦉 Have you ever needed advice at a moment’s notice? Say Hello to Owwll! 🦉 Connect. Learn. Grow. 👏🏻 We have created Owwll App to help you INSTANTLY connect with your favorite professionals through audio calls. Our focus is to make it EASY to seek AND provide advice on specific subjects with knowledgeable experts! 📲💡 •Discover engaging videos just by scrolling through clips created by professionals. •Filter experts based on their ratings, cost per call, and expertise. •Follow your favorites to be immediately notified when they go active on Owwll. •Tap to get instantly connected on a real-time call. •Pick their brain, review past experiences, or just chat about an upcoming project. •Rate your expert and provide feedback so others can benefit from this wisdom too. Available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Instagram: @owwllapp —————————————————————— 🎙The Shrimp Tank - Boca Raton 🎙 🔥The Shrimp Tank brings you interviews with some of the most successful Entrepreneurs & CEOs to learn the do’s and don’ts of starting and running a successful business. 🍤 200+ Episodes ➜ 🎯Where Street Smarts and Book Smarts Collide! 🚨Run in collaboration with The FAU Adams Center for Entrepreneurship ▶▶Message me to come on the Show! ————————————————————— Hobbies & Interests: 🥇Sports ⛵️Sailing 🛥Boating ✈️Traveling 🏖Chillin at the beach 🗽NY State of Mind 🚀Entrepreneurship 🎙Podcasting 💵 Money Nerd/Expert 🎰Poker Player 🎧Music (90s Rap, Pop, Rock) 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Father to Westin/Kennedy Let’s connect on LinkedIn➜