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Jason Jimenez




Faith / Family / Business / Life - All day everyday! Mission: To impact transformational change to over 1,000,000 businesses before I pass. Entrepreneur, Investor, Non Profit Join me on my Podcast “The Bold Savior - Making the Impossible Possible in Business.” Purpose|Mission: TO BE OF SERVICE TO FAMILY, FAITH, AND BUSINESS WITH INTEGRITY BECAUSE WITHOUT IT NOTHING WORKS! Awards and recognitions: HBJ 40 under 40-2014 winner, Businessman of the year recipient by the National Republican Committee 2012, Top 3 Insurance Firms in Houston by the Houston Chronicle 2020, 6 time-Championship, 13 time-Toppers, 6 time-Masters, 2001-Blue Vase, Rookie of the year- 1999 winner in the Insurance community. Chairman of JJ Innovation Holdings LLC. Entities owned - Services: Property & Casualty, Commercial, Work Comp, Cyber Security, Life, Annuities, Financial Services Chairman of Redstone Business Holdings LLC Services: Consulting, Capital, M&A Entities owned CEO- Landing Big Whales LLC -Clubhouse FASTEST business community committed to the Vision of building community, impact, and business to entrepreneurs and charities one person at a time. Shyield LLC COO | Co-Founder - THE GLOBALLY TRUSTED LEADER IN DARK WEB INTELLIGENCE AND PROTECTION SERVICES. If you had the power to look into the dark web, what would you look for? Services: -LEAKED CREDENTIAL MONITORING -DARK WEB INVESTIGATIONS SSN -PENETRATION TESTING -CYBER SECURITY INSURANCE Redstone Business Consulting LLC Consulting & Capital Services Founder - The H.O.P.E Foundation. (Helping-Other-People-Everyday) Estimated As a 501c3 February -2021 Mission: To be a transformational movement to people when they least expect it. Intention: To provide a moment in time for volunteers and the recipient to experience what it means to be of service, and be reminded that there are people that have enormous hearts by simply paying for one of lifes vital necessities. Food!